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We All Started Somewhere

We Started With a Dream and a Need

Four of a Kind owner Michael Chaffin was practically born and raised on a construction site. Not traditionally trained, he learned everything he needed to know first-hand from his father, who owned a construction company in Long Island, New York, and his crew. 

When handed the reins in the late 1990s, Michael turned that company into the third-largest renovation company in Long Island, New York. The Chaffin family then moved to Myrtle Beach in 2004, and Four of a Kind opened in 2006.

Initially, our property maintenance company, Four of a Kind, purely catered to commercial clients, such as homeowners’ associations, golf course communities, high-rise hotels, and more, in the original four services: Maintenance/construction, pool, janitorial, and landscaping.

Along the way, Michael realized through his construction and development projects that there was also a real need for those same services in the residential realm, which is why the company added this to serve more clients. 

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